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Work Experience

Data Scientist

BASF Corporation
08/2021 — present

BASF is a Global Fortune 500 company, the largest chemicals company in the world, and a leader in sustainable manufacturing and material development. I am participating in the company's professional development program for data science, which is a rotational program designed to produce data science leaders. In my first rotation, I worked in AI Solutions for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Engagement, where I worked on churn prediction and market modeling solutions. I was product manager for a market intelligence product that helped make strategic business development more data-driven. In addition to these projects, I consult/teach other data science teams in business and manufacturing domains on building scalable data science solutions with Azure, Databricks, and Spark. My current contributions are:

  • Scaled ETL and machine learning pipelines using PySpark/Databricks; realized a 3500% performance boost
  • Implemented end-to-end data science products for business teams (churn, market models) equipped with MLOps and DataOps using Databricks, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Delta Lake, MLflow, PowerBI, and Python
  • Designed innovative market sizing system that synthesizes and combines 6 different data sources to generate market intelligence that cannot be purchased from a third-party firm; built to inform strategic decision making
  • Managed team of 4 developers in building a custom market intelligence product for internal clients in strategic business development; bridged business needs and technical development by communicating with stakeholders and translating business problems into tangible solutions

Data Science Intern

BASF Corporation
06/2020 — 08/2020

I was the company's first data science intern in their professional development program. I also received the highest performance rating for my contributions.

  • Developed cloud application with productionized machine learning, data management, and automated data pipelining using SciKit-Learn, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, and Gitlab which will save $500K per year on plant operation expenses
  • Applied weak supervision AI, NLP, and logistic regression using Snorkel, VADER, and Sci-Kit Learn on the customer survey dataset to identify the most insightful responses out of 20,000+ that should be prioritized by customer service, thus improving the efficiency of reviewing customer feedback
  • Presented weak supervision theory and company-specific use cases to an audience of 45 BASF technical experts, including PhDs and Digitalization leaders
  • Built and deployed virtual networking application using Kubernetes to 3 BASF communities to spark social interaction and knowledge sharing amongst 150+ employees during a remote working situation


The University of California, Berkeley

Master's in Data Science
2022 — present

The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Computational Science
2016 — 2021

  • GPA: 3.65
  • Coursework: statistics, object-oriented programming, databases, data structures & algorithms, machine learning, linear algebra, differential equations
  • Achievements: 1st Place at Spring 2020 Demo Day, 2x Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 2nd out of 16 in case competition, 2nd out of 7 in pitch competition, 4x University Honors, 4th out of 12 in engineering competition


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Product Strategy Instructor/Mentor

05/2020 — 05/2021

Convergent is an organization at UT Austin and UC Berkeley with a mission to educate students on how to turn ideas into minimum viable tech products. During my year with Convergent, I taught product strategy to over 30 students and mentored 6 build teams in developing AI-powered and productivity products. Two of my build teams won awards at Convergent's Demo Day (Best Overall and Best Business).

Founder and President

Texas Solar Energy Group
09/2018 — 05/2020

UT Austin is one of the world's leading universities in energy research. When I was a student, I was interested specifically in solar energy, but I realized there were few opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved. To fill the gap, I founded Texas Solar Energy Group to provide a space for students interested in solar energy to conduct student-led research and engineering projects on the topic. During my time as President, the organization grew to over 30 student members, received over $5,000 in funds from grants and awards, established partnerships with several solar energy startups, won the Undergraduate Research Fellowship twice, placed 2nd out of 16 teams at an energy case competition, and placed 2nd out of 7 teams at an alternative energy pitch competition.